Bishop of Chichester asks about support for Ukrainians residing in the UK

On 7th June 2022, The Bishop of Chichester asked a question on the support available for Ukrainian students and other temporary UK residents in light of the war in Ukraine:

The Lord Bishop of Chichester: My Lords, what assessment have the Government made of the number of Ukrainians currently here on economic or student visas who may soon be at risk of overstaying their visa and may be unable to return home, and of the sort of support that they might require and be given?

Lord Harrington of Watford (Con): Again, that is an excellent question. We do not know the number of visas that are running out but I know that we have measures in place to make sure that when those visas—student visas, work visas and other types—run out they will be extended in this country and there will be no need for those people to return to Ukraine should they not want to do so.


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