Bishop of Gloucester asks about mental health services in prisons

The Bishop of Gloucester received the following written answers on 8th June 2022:

The Lord Bishop of Gloucester asked Her Majesty’s Government how many women aged (1) 18 to 25, and (2) 26 years or older, have accessed primary care mental health services in each of the last 10 years.

Lord Kamall (Con): The information requested is not held centrally.


The Lord Bishop of Gloucester asked how many women in prison aged (1) 18 to 25, or (2) 26 years or older, have been (a) in receipt of mental health care, or (b) referred to mental health support, whilst in custody.

Lord Kamall (Con): This data is not collected in the format requested. All those entering prison receive comprehensive health screening within 72 hours and a further general health assessment within seven days of arrival. This incorporates questions to establish any mental health concerns and allows referrals to the mental health team if indicated.


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