Bishop of St Albans asks about reported instances of stop and search in Hertfordshire

The Bishop of St Albans received the following written answer on 6th February 2023:

The Lord Bishop of St Albans asked His Majesty’s Government how many reported instances of stop-and-search occurred in Hertfordshire in (1) 2022, (2) 2021, (3) 2020, and (4) 2019.

Lord Sharpe of Epsom (Con): The Home Office collects and publishes stop and search data on a financial year basis. The table below shows the number of stop and searches recorded by Hertfordshire Constabulary in the last four financial years. This includes searches under section 1 of the Policing and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (and associated legislation) and section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

Financial YearNumber of stop and searches

The data can be accessed in full here: Police powers and procedures: Stop and search and arrests, England and Wales, year ending 31 March 2022 – GOV.UK (


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