Bishop of London asks about career progression and gender pay gap for nurses

The Bishop of London asked a question on government support for career progression to senior positions in nursing, during a debate on the pay disparity between men and women on 8th March 2023:

The Lord Bishop of London: My Lords, in 2019 the Royal College of Nursing found that 90% of all nurses in the UK are women and that they fill less than a third of senior positions and earn on average 17% less than men. That is despite the fact that the Royal College of Nursing also noted that nursing is a gendered profession seen as a woman’s role. What steps are the Government taking to ensure that female nurses progress to senior positions?

Baroness Scott of Bybrook (Con): I will talk to my colleagues in Health about that issue. I was not aware of it, but it is important and I will take it forward and come back to the right reverend Prelate.


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