Bishop of Leicester’s Sermon at the Service of Reinterment of King Richard III

The text of the sermon delivered by the Bishop of Leicester, Rt Revd Tim Stevens on 26th March 2015 at the service of reinterment of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral.

LEMA20150326A-020_C-1024Search, Find, Honour….

The triple mandate given to the Looking for Richard Project four years ago has broken open not just a car park but a nation’s story.

King Richard has stepped from the pages of history into the fullest glare of the world’s attention.  The search has laid to rest half a millennium of mystery surrounding his burial place and revealed that Richard belongs not just to the archaeologists, the chroniclers and the curators, but to all of us. Continue reading “Bishop of Leicester’s Sermon at the Service of Reinterment of King Richard III”

Church Commissioners answers to written questions on Funding Mission & Ministry and the reburial of King Richard III

tony CCQ1The Second Church Estates Commissioner, Rt Hon Canon Sir Tony Baldry MP, answered written questions from Anne McIntosh MP relating to the funding of mission & ministry in the Church of England and Hugh Bayley MP relating to the reburial of King Richard III.

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Second Church Estates Commissioner highlights role of Leicester Cathedral in commemorating King Richard III

In the House of Commons on 1 July 2014, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, the Rt Hon St Tony Baldry MP, took part in oral questions to the Secretary of State for Justice. He asked a supplementary question on the commemoration of King Richard III, which was answered by the Minister of State, the Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP.


King Richard III

14.01 CCQ BaldrySir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): As the Minister said, Richard III was the King of all England, not just of York or Yorkshire. Is he aware that the Dean and Chapter of Leicester Cathedral see it as their responsibility to rebury the remains of King Richard and to commemorate his memory on behalf of the whole nation, and not just for Leicester or York?

Simon Hughes: I have every confidence that the Dean and Chapter of Leicester cathedral will do that job for the nation. I understand that they intend to apply for an extension so that it may be done in the spring of next year. I believe that it will be a great credit to Leicester and will bring great joy to the people of Leicestershire that a King of England is buried in their county.


Queen’s Speech 2014: Bishop of Leicester on local government and civic identity

..without some risk, innovation and courage in this area, local government will continue to be starved not only of cash but of the civic talent it desperately needsBishop of Leicester, 5/6/14

On 5th June 2014 in the first of the responses from the Bishops’ Benches to the Queen’s Speech, Rt Rev Tim Stevens, Bishop of Leicester focused on the need for revitalisation of local government. Citing political disconnect and the pledge in the Queen’s Speech to deliver a fairer society, the Bishop called for a creative reinvigoration of the relationship between central and local government, not least in the areas of health and social care. He cited Leicester’s plans for the reinterment of Richard III as an example of good local partnerships that also help create a sense of shared local identity. 

14.04.01 Bishop of Leicester


The Lord Bishop of Leicester: My Lords, I want to take the opportunity of this debate to raise some questions about the balance of power between London and the regions in our country today. The gracious Speech emphasised the new financial powers to be implemented for the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales. While this is welcome, it highlights even more acutely the need for urgent action to address the very different environment for local government in England, in spite of what the Minister briefly said to us about resourcing local economic partnerships.

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