Bishop of Carlisle asks Government about the impact of work pressures on teachers’ mental health

14.06.09 Bishop of CarlisleOn 16th November 2016, Baroness Tyler of Enfield asked Her Majesty’s Government “what is their response to the Report of the Values-Based Child and Adolescent Mental Health System Commission, What Really Matters in Children and Young People’s Mental Health, published on 7 November.” The Bishop of Carlisle, Rt Revd James Newcome, asked a follow up question:

The Lord Bishop of Carlisle: My Lords, the commission highlighted the importance of valuing the workforce, but a 2014 survey of teachers and lecturers indicated that about 55% of them reckoned that their work was seriously damaging their own mental health. Have Her Majesty’s Government any plans to address that particular issue so that the mental health of teachers can be improved and so they are better equipped to help and improve the mental health of their pupils?

Lord Prior of Brampton: My Lords, I cannot answer that question effectively and would like some time to think about it. Clearly, the mental health of teachers, nurses and doctors is critical. Certainly in the medical profession we are doing quite a lot to help doctors who are going through periods of mental health problems. If it is all right with the right reverend Prelate, I shall reflect on his question and write to him at my leisure.