Bishop of Durham asks about indeterminate prison sentences

The Bishop of Durham asked a question about the impact of prison sentences on children and families during a debate on prisoners serving indeterminate sentences for public protection (IPP) on 27th October 2022:

The Lord Bishop of Durham: My Lords, as it happens, I was confirming in His Majesty’s Prison Holme House on Monday. One of the people I confirmed was an IPP prisoner. We talked about the desperate impact on family and children of the uncertainty that he has faced. He had been recalled, not for having committed an offence but for breaking conditions. It is very complicated. In looking at this, will His Majesty’s Government look at the impact on children and family and the support from not just the probation service but other organisations, such as, in the north-east, Nepacs and Junction 42?

Lord Bellamy (Con): My Lords, the Government will of course consider those considerations along with all the others raised in the report.


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